September and Prostate Health

By: Dan Sperling, MD September is a time when leaves turn to warm colors—and our minds should turn to thoughts of prostate health. September is National Prostate Health Month. Specifically, the week of September 17-24 is officially designated as Prostate Cancer Awareness Week.   September is an invigorating month. The lazy days of summer are keep reading

Indiana Proton Beam Facility Closes

By: Dan Sperling, MD In recent months, proton beam radiation has come under criticism for two main reasons. First, it imposes a huge cost burden upon a medical payment system that is already limping. Second, it has not been shown to be significantly more effective in the treatment of prostate cancer than other forms of keep reading

Information For Patients Is Outdated

By: Dan Sperling, MD Out of curiosity, I took a tour of well respected websites that offer prostate cancer treatment information to patients or those worried about the disease. I was disappointed with the results of my “survey.” When it comes to treatment, I found primarily conventional information. Here are summaries of what four renowned keep reading

Why I Don’t Use An Endorectal Coil With MRI

By: Dan Sperling, MD If you had a chance to read my article at you know that some centers prefer to do MRI scans of the prostate using and endorectal coil. At the Sperling Prostate Center, we do not use this device. An endorectal coil is essentially an “antenna” placed into the rectum during keep reading