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Prostate cancer patients who are candidates for a focal treatment are especially interested in noninvasive procedures. The Sperling Prostate Center, experts in forward-looking technologies for the outpatient detection, diagnosis, and image-guided treatments of prostate disease, is proud to offer noninvasive Exablate Prostate® MRI-targeted Focused Ultrasound.

What is Exablate Prostate?

Exablate Prostate is a safe and effective heat-based method of destroying low to intermediate risk prostate cancer. It uses MRI-targeted Focused Ultrasound to ablate (destroy) the targeted tumor plus a margin of safety. The procedure uses no surgical incisions or radiation, and is customized to each patient’s anatomy and the extent of his disease. It is an outpatient treatment with fast return to daily life.

How does Exablate Prostate work?

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Exablate Prostate applies the power of ultrasound, or sound waves, to create precise tumor destruction. It aims nearly 1000 waves of sound energy, delivering tightly targeted heat to the tumor. An advantage of ultrasound is that each wave passes harmlessly through the body until the waves converge (meet) precisely at the target, where they generate heat.

Patient-specific planning – Before initiating treatment, MRI is used to identify and map the tumor. The clinical team, aided by specialized software, develops a personalized treatment plan to target the patient’s tumor. No two patients have identical disease, so precision planning is essential.

MRI guidance and monitoring – Since the procedure is performed while the patient is lying in the magnet, real-time MRI allows both treatment guidance and temperature monitoring to assure complete tumor ablation.

Confirming the results – Real-time MRI reveals ablation coverage while it is occurring. Once the procedure is complete, an MRI contrast scan confirms total ablation success.

Spares healthy tissues – Thanks to MRI-based treatment planning, guidance and monitoring at every step of the procedure, Exablate Prostate avoids damage to healthy prostate tissue and spares urinary and sexual function.

Key features of Exablate Prostate

The benefits of Exablate Prostate come from its key features:

  • MRI accurately identifies the area to be treated, allowing a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s anatomy and extent of disease
  • Real-time best in class MRI guides treatment from start to finish while special MRI software monitors temperature and treatment coverage of the target zone
  • Delivers up to 1000 ultrasound waves to precisely heat and ablate prostate tissue with no incisions or radiation
  • Advanced focusing algorithms adjust to each patient’s anatomy so healthy tissues and key urinary and sexual structures are preserved
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Few to no side effects
  • Fast return to normal activities
  • Does not eliminate any future treatment options, including repeat focal treatment

A first-of-its kind treatment earns FDA approval

The Sperling Prostate Center, with Medical Director Dr. Dan Sperling, joined the Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering and 5 other centers as one of the investigational sites for a national clinical trial of MRI guided Focused Ultrasound for the treatment of prostate cancer tumors, using Insightec’s Exablate Prostate system. Trial results gained FDA clearance following its completion.

Our growing family of prostate treatments

Our Center’s growing family of treatments for low-to-intermediate prostate cancer now includes:

In addition, our Center incorporates breakthrough Artificial Intelligence tools, a rapidly expanding field to which Dr. Sperling has personally contributed research.

Our Center’s dedication to excellence not just in prostate health but in overall men’s wellness is second to none. We bring experience and empathy to each patient and his loved ones. As we continue to add to our state-of-the-art clinical technologies, we have the range of resources needed to address each patient’s unique needs.

Are you a candidate for Exablate Pro?

Request your free consultation with Dr. Sperling and we’ll review your unique circumstances together to see if Exablate Pro is right for you.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Patients and physicians should have a detailed conversation regarding risks and complications, also known as adverse events, that patients may experience.

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