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TRUS Biopsy: The Human Pincushion

Here’s a quote that sums up the issue with a TRUS (transrectal ultrasound) guided prostate biopsy: “Needle biopsy of the prostate is an invasive procedure, which can be associated with complications (including bleeding, pain, and infection) and it is therefore important to maximize the diagnostic information gained.” The word “maximize” would be troubling if it meant sampling as many areas as possible... keep reading

When Will We Have a Liquid Biopsy for Prostate Cancer?

Liquid biopsy - Sperling Prostate Center
The term “liquid biopsy” is appearing with increasing frequency in published literature. The fact that it’s more common than ever does not mean we’ve finally replaced a needle extraction of tissue. However, a blood or urine sample is a far less invasive way to gather a large quantity of information to profile a patient’s prostate cancer (PCa), thanks to numerous biological clues that tumor cells release into the bloodstream. keep reading

The Five Problems with TRUS Biopsy

An Important Update on the Rise in Post-Biopsy Infections
Up till now, prostate cancer has been the only tumor cancer diagnosed by random luck. That’s right, random luck. The most common type of prostate biopsy is guided by transrectal ultrasound, or TRUS. It is considered the “gold standard” for prostate biopsy because it’s most widely used by urologists... keep reading
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