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Get an Expert for your mpMRI Second Opinion

MRI prostate cancer treatment - Sperling Prostate Center
Every man who has a multiparametric MRI of the prostate is entitled to a copy of his written report by the radiologist, and at least one CD containing the images. (Secure electronic medical records make it easier to get copies of your visits, test results, etc, and we encourage patients to keep their own home file with copies of all medical records.) When you get your MRI report, should you accept it at face value... keep reading

How to Overcome Prostate Cancer Anxiety

Coping with Prostate Cancer
A 2021 paper describes the psychological anxiety and depression many patients feel when they are waiting for their biopsy results. Most men are already stressed just at the mere prospect of a needle biopsy. But then comes the period of not knowing while dread builds. Based on a validated questionnaire administered after a biopsy but before results were known... keep reading

3 Noteworthy Updates on 3T mpMRI of Prostate

We want to draw particular attention to a branch of AI called machine learning. When software is specifically “trained” to recognize imaging features, it can “… provide better standardization and consistency in identifying prostate lesions and enhance prostate carcinoma management.” One of the benefits is increased efficiency for busy radiologists who interpret MRI results and write reports. More importantly, however, is... keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: AI is a Value-Added Improvement on all MRI Levels

MRI Screening Reduces Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies
Is there any part of the body that can’t benefit from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? So far, science hasn’t found one. In fact, not only can simple, straightforward MRI be applied to virtually all body parts, but MRI technology lends itself to endless development. For example, there are numerous variants in image acquisition that provide keep reading
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