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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Fully Automated Estimation of Gleason Grade Using AI?

It’s hard to imagine the imagination of science fiction writers. While many of their literary works are based in our current world, like Michael Crichton’s novel The Andromeda Strain, science fiction works are not bound by past, present or future. In fact, the majority envision scientific or technological advances that don’t yet exist. As a keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: mpMRI Better than bpMRI with Deep Learning

MRI prostate cancer treatment - Sperling Prostate Center
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) has boomed with countless applications in virtually every field of technology and learning, medicine is also benefitting. A branch of AI called Deep Learning (DL) is modeled after the layers of neural networks involved in the brain’s learning processes. By layering algorithms, to process data, DL mimics how the brain thinks, keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: How Machine Learning Can Enrich MRI for Prostate Cancer

With an ever-increasing array of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in radiology, it’s a boom time for turning MRI into a powerhouse. In particular, both machine learning (ML) and deep learning (a particular type of ML) enable MRI of the prostate to branch out in new radiological directions. Out with the old, in with the new. keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: AI Predicts Metastasis Better than NCCN Guidelines

What’s the best way to determine if a high-risk prostate cancer (PCa) patient is likely to have metastasis? Researchers have been busy analyzing genetic variants or other biomarkers for their prognostic value. Since no one factor has emerged as a top predictor, most doctors have relied on up-to date guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Benefitting the World of Prostate Cancer

Can MRI Plus Artificial Intelligence Diagnose Prostate Cancer?
To paraphrase a famous poem, “How can AI serve prostate cancer? Let me count the ways.” In some ways, clinical researchers and software engineers have established a solid foundation for applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the detection, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of prostate cancer (PCa). On the other hand, given the oceanic potential, we’ve only keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: How AI Can Identify When to Add ADT to Prostate Cancer Radiation

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Aggressive prostate cancer (PCa) comes with higher chances for recurrence—and often there’s no way to know if the PCa has started to spread at the time of treatment. It’s like a time bomb with an unanswered question: has the clock been activated? Therefore, today’s clinical standard of care treats it as if the clock is keep reading
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