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Wishing Won’t Make ED Go Away – But A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help

Natural treatment for ED
A newly published article on erectile dysfunction begins, “Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common sexual dysfunction disease in adult males. ED can be caused by many factors, such as vascular disease, neuropathy, metabolic disturbances, psychosocial causes, and side effects of medications.”[i] Note that many of these conditions are linked with unhealthy lifestyle habits. Thus, keep reading

Does a Plant-Based Diet Improve Health?

A Plant-Based “3-fer” For Men’s Health
The blog below promoted the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. However, there are meat lovers who like the wellness theory of eating plants but are conflicted about giving up beef, poultry, lamb, game, or seafood. Plant-based meat analogues (PBMAs) seem to be a happy solution, offering the taste and texture of flesh yet the advantages of vegetation. Not so fast! keep reading

Warning: Don’t Supersize Your Prostate (Or Yourself)

Don't Supersize Your Prostate - Sperling Prostate Center
If you want to be grossed out, watch the 2004 documentary Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock. In case you missed seeing it, it chronicles a month in his life when he ate only McDonald’s food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. McDonald’s is hardly a fast food chain that specializes in fresh vegetarian meals. In an extreme form of the Western diet, for 30 days Spurlock lived (if one can call it living) on meat, cheese and refined flour. In terms of impact... keep reading
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