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The Biggest BPH Treatment Breakthrough Yet?

If it shrinks BPH, can it kill prostate cancer? That’s the question that sparked “the first long-term prospective randomized-controlled study of an intraprostatic molecular injectable treatment for low grade localized PCa to be reported.” The authors of the study include luminaries from sites such as Johns Hopkins and Mt. Sinai/Icahn School of Medicine... keep reading

To Beam or Not to Beam? That is the Proton Question

Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer - Sperling Prostate Center
There was a time when proton beam therapy seemed to be the “Holy Grail” of prostate cancer treatments. In 1990, the Loma Linda University Medical Center became the world’s first hospital-based proton beam treatment center, making this treatment available to all cancer patients. A decade later, the New York Times reported that proton beam had now joined the ranks of other standard PCa treatment options... keep reading

5 Myths About Prostate Cancer

Older man on iPad in park
Today’s world of prostate cancer is a far cry from what it was in your dad’s day. New knowledge about the disease includes a better understanding of prostate anatomy, prostate cancer genomics, the behavior of cancer cells, the role of lifestyle, etc. However, some old beliefs still linger. It’s time to put them to rest... keep reading
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