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Prostate Cancer is Blind to Color

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At the time of this writing, the long-time co-host and weatherman of the Today show, Al Roker, is recovering from prostate cancer (PCa) surgery. Roker used his air time to announce his diagnosis of early stage but aggressive disease, in part as a chance to raise awareness of PCa among black men. Roker’s summary reflects the ongoing dialogue—and at times, debate—in the clinical world over prostate cancer (PCa) among African American men. Are black men at greater risk, and if so, why? keep reading

Prostate Cancer in Families – Get the Word Out!

Hereditary Prostate Cancer in Families - Sperling Prostate Center
How much do you know about your ancestors’ health history, and the health history in your spouse or partner’s ancestry? One of the most precious legacies you can give your children is knowledge that will empower them to make informed lifestyle and healthcare decisions. Many daily choices can help prevent cancer. Educating yourself and your family can boost motivation to form wise habits such as... keep reading

The Biggest BPH Treatment Breakthrough Yet?

If it shrinks BPH, can it kill prostate cancer? That’s the question that sparked “the first long-term prospective randomized-controlled study of an intraprostatic molecular injectable treatment for low grade localized PCa to be reported.” The authors of the study include luminaries from sites such as Johns Hopkins and Mt. Sinai/Icahn School of Medicine... keep reading
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