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Cannabis and Prostate Cancer

Cannabis (marijuana, pot, weed, grass etc.) is a widely used recreational and medicinal drug. In fact, cannabis use dates far back in ancient times, probably for the same two purposes. Today, state laws in the U.S. are rapidly becoming more permissive less than a century after it was made illegal in 1937. According to Ramos keep reading

How Backflow in Spermatic Veins Causes Prostate Problems – And How to Treat It

Think about plumbing in your home: “…backups have a potential for more wide-ranging problems than a sink backup or toilet clog. These issues should be handled quickly by an experienced plumber, ideally at the ‘slow drain’ stage before complete stoppage, to prevent system-wide problems…” In 2009, Gat et al.[i] published a paper that should keep reading