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African American Men Considering Active Surveillance

African American man
Previously, we posted a recommended caution that men of African American descent discuss possible risks of going on Active Surveillance (AS) even when early clinical factors suggested they qualify for AS. Then, the authors of a 2018 paper noted that the observational studies encouraging more use of AS were largely composed of White men, raising the question of whether positive results of those studies should be applied to Black men. After reviewing studies that focused on Black men, they concluded... keep reading

7 Ways to Make Active Surveillance Monitoring More Trustworthy

For the right prostate cancer (PCa) patient, Active Surveillance (AS) is a good thing. Urologic professionals now see eye-to-eye on monitoring with a focus on “preventing overtreatment in patients for whom the benefit of treatment deferral outweighs the need for immediate oncologic control.”[i] That’s a technical way of saying, if you don’t have clinically significant keep reading
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