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Long-term PIVOT Trial Results Support Pivotal Prostate Cancer Choices

Don’t Overlook the Kind of Prostate Cancer that Can Kill You
Once upon a time—November, 1994 to be exact–a team of researchers wanted to compare the effectiveness of radical prostatectomy (RP) vs. observation for men with localized prostate cancer (PCa). They launched a 7-year enrollment period, accruing 731 patients who would be randomly assigned to either radical prostatectomy (removal of prostate gland) or observation. Their study keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: French Expert Describes AI Benefits

What does the chest have to do with the brain? Aside from the role played by the brain in regulating life-sustaining involuntary breathing and heart rate, it doesn’t look like there’s much of a connection. However, French physician Philippe Grenier, a “respected expert in chest imaging and respiratory disease,” is enthusiastic about integrating Artificial Intelligence keep reading
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