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When are You Too Old for PSA Testing?

How Effective is the PSA Test? - Sperling Prostate Center
Are you confused about whether annual PSA screening is right for you? One can hardly be blamed, as guidelines have been zigzagging since 2012. Currently, shared decision-making between men and their medical caregivers is a compromise recommendation. Still, ongoing debate shows up in published literature backed up by data. Those in favor of annual testing keep reading

Can mpMRI Predict Prostate Cancer Stage?

MRI/Ultrasound Fusion May Come with a Pitfall Called Registration Error
If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you want to know, with as much accuracy as possible PSA and its variants - determined by blood test, Gleason score/Gleason Grade Group - determined by biopsy, and clinical stage - determined the old-fashioned way by combination of digital rectal exam or DRE, biopsy, inadequate information from ultrasound, and educated guess... keep reading

A Citrus Fruit a Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Away

Prostate cancer is a global disease, but not uniformly so. In fact, the incidence rates vary widely from one nation or region to another. Because of this, researchers have been very interested in the possibility that environmental and lifestyle factors could play a role in either promoting or preventing prostate cancer. Chief among these factors is nutrition, especially fruits and vegetables... keep reading

Overused Random Biopsies: The Real Culprit

Numerous studies have validated the hypothesis that if mpMRI does not detect significant prostate cancer (PCa), no biopsy is needed; but if a biopsy is indicated, MRI-targeted biopsy overcomes the problems of the TRUS random biopsies. It minimizes the number of needles while maximizing diagnostic accuracy. As one paper states... keep reading

Inflammation: Can It Cause Prostate Cancer?

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Inflammation is a normal response to injury, disease, invasion by bacteria or viruses, exposure to toxins, and radiation. Acute inflammation is rapid, temporary, and protective. It gradually disappears as healing proceeds. However, other types of inflammation are “silent” and can linger indefinitely. This is called chronic inflammation. It can trigger cancerous mutations in many organ cells, including the prostate gland... keep reading

Can a Drug to Get a Penis Up Also Get Prostatitis Down?

Prostatitis is considered the most common urinary tract problem for men under 50, and the 3rd most common above that age. Previously, we described a promising paper about tadalafil (an ED drug) helping ease prostatitis symptoms, but like all research, repetition of results is necessary to confirm the evidence. Now, a more recent study adds the authority of higher level research... keep reading

How Does my Prostate Cancer Treatment Affect my Wife/Girlfriend’s Sexuality?

British physicist Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) was globally recognized as one of the most gigantic intellects in our time. According to study.com, Hawking was awarded “…thirteen honorary degrees, the Franklin Medal, the Hughes Medal, the Albert Einstein Medal, the Wolf Prize in Physics, the Albert Einstein Award, and many more.” For Hawking, unraveling the mystery of keep reading

Prostate Cancer is Blind to Color

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At the time of this writing, the long-time co-host and weatherman of the Today show, Al Roker, is recovering from prostate cancer (PCa) surgery. Roker used his air time to announce his diagnosis of early stage but aggressive disease, in part as a chance to raise awareness of PCa among black men. Roker’s summary reflects the ongoing dialogue—and at times, debate—in the clinical world over prostate cancer (PCa) among African American men. Are black men at greater risk, and if so, why? keep reading
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