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Is Loneliness a Men’s Health Problem?

Loneliness men's health
Have you ever felt lonely, empty, friendless? I’m sure at one time or another, each of us has found ourselves feeling alone and forlorn. Sometimes it’s brought on by circumstances, sometimes it’s the result of choices we’ve made. Even if it’s only temporary, it can be bleak and depressing. Men’s Health Week is an annual keep reading

5 Myths About Prostate Cancer

Older man on iPad in park
Today’s world of prostate cancer is a far cry from what it was in your dad’s day. New knowledge about the disease includes a better understanding of prostate anatomy, prostate cancer genomics, the behavior of cancer cells, the role of lifestyle, etc. However, some old beliefs still linger. It’s time to put them to rest... keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: AI Advances in Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
“Artificial intelligence systems can be trained to detect and grade cancer in prostate needle biopsy samples at a level comparable to experts.” So says a Urology Today report on the uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in diagnosing prostate cancer (PCa). An overview of progress in AI applications was presented by Dr. Peter Humphrey (Professor of keep reading
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