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Does a Plant-Based Diet Improve Health?

A Plant-Based “3-fer” For Men’s Health
The blog below promoted the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. However, there are meat lovers who like the wellness theory of eating plants but are conflicted about giving up beef, poultry, lamb, game, or seafood. Plant-based meat analogues (PBMAs) seem to be a happy solution, offering the taste and texture of flesh yet the advantages of vegetation. Not so fast! keep reading

A Prostate Wellness Cocktail

In the world of prostate cancer (PCa), there is a trend toward holistic care that aims to treat the whole person. It is creating a multimodality “cocktail” of healing resources for body, mind and spirit. This isn’t just some kind of pop psychology jargon. There is biological proof that combining both tangible and intangible modalities can alter prostate cancer itself. For instance... keep reading

Identifying Recurrence After Focal Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate MRI vs Biopsy - Sperling Prostate Center
Before a prostate cancer patient makes a final decision to have focal laser ablation, I go over the details of MRI-guided FLA and what to expect after treatment. I remind each person that it’s important to monitor for PCa recurrence. After any focal treatment (cryo, HIFU, Focal Laser Ablation, MRgFUS, TULSA) PCa can either come back in the treatment site—called treatment failure, meaning the treatment did not destroy all the cancer at the site—or recur in a different location... keep reading
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