MRI vs. Color Doppler in Detecting Prostate Cancer

By Dr. Sperling Some patients cannot tolerate IV gadolinium contrast due to impaired kidney function or other conditions.  In these patients, Dr. Sperling utilizes Power Doppler Sonography (Ultrasound) of the prostate, a non-invasive way to evaluate for prostate tumors with their abnormal blood vessels without contrast.  Dr. Sperling will then fuse these ultrasound images onto the non-contrast MRI keep reading

Understanding the “Watchful Waiting” Approach in Prostate Cancer Treatment

The American Cancer Society estimated that about 1 in every 6 males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes. Here at our New York prostate cancer treatment practice, surgery is not recommended right away. Dr. Sperling offers several methods to treat prostate tumors minus the surgical approach. Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer Treatment keep reading
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