Sperling Prostate Center

Exercise Related to Treatment Success

A study presented in 2014 at the AACR-Prostate Cancer Foundation Conference on Advances in Prostate Cancer Research reported a surprising relationship between vigorous exercise and the shape of blood vessels found in prostate cancer tumors. Men who walked faster prior to a diagnosis of prostate cancer were found to have more regularly shaped blood vessels keep reading

Prostate Cancer and Medicare Fraud

It’s tempting to become cynical about medicine when one hears reports of Medicare abuse or violations of Federal laws. These stories are especially rankling when greed appears to be the motive, and the victims are cancer patients. A few years ago, journalist Peter Waldman, writing for Bloomberg Business, assembled several anecdotes into a disturbing article keep reading

Concern Regarding Radiation Overuse

Here’s a little quiz: Which whole gland therapy for prostate cancer has the highest risk of recurrence? Radical prostatectomy Radiation therapy Cryotherapy of the whole gland HIFU of the whole gland If you answered radiation, you are correct. According to a recent article, the rate of prostate cancer coming back after conventional external beam radiation keep reading
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