Focal Laser Ablation: Promising Treatment for Prostate Cancer

A new technique in prostate cancer treatment has recently been developed – the combination of focal laser ablation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This new treatment option promises to be a safe and effective method for treating prostate cancer and is offered at our New York prostate cancer treatment center.

Detecting prostate cancer

Being the second-leading cause of deaths in American men who have cancer, prostate cancer has long been the talk of the town because of the methods by which it is diagnosed in patients. Typically, the patients will undergo a prostate-specific antigen exam and, later on, a biopsy of a sample tissue from the prostate gland.

Treatment options for prostate cancer patients range from the surgical removal of the prostate to an active surveillance of the disease’s progress.

In search for less aggressive options

New methods for more accurate detection of cancers have been discovered, which could possibly spare patients from repeated, unnecessary biopsies, treatments, and surgeries. Focal laser ablation therapy is that less invasive treatment that could target and destroy cancer precisely.

A clinical trial has been initiated to evaluate the safety and feasibility of the MRI-guided focal laser ablation method for the treatment of low-risk prostate cancer. The new technique gives the ablation treatment more advantage because the guidance of the MRI allows direct visualization, thus targeting the prostate tumors accurately.

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