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Month: February 2024

Can I Get Prostate Cancer from Drinking Wine?

What would life be without pleasure? It “contributes importantly to happiness and is central to our sense of well-being.” Humans gain natural pleasure from many activities and relationships, and good feelings are registered in our brains and bodies in rewarding ways. Besides feel-good behaviors and choices, there are substances that provide pleasurable sensations. However, as with virtually all sources of pleasure, they can pose risks... keep reading

Warning: Don’t Supersize Your Prostate (Or Yourself)

Don't Supersize Your Prostate - Sperling Prostate Center
If you want to be grossed out, watch the 2004 documentary Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock. In case you missed seeing it, it chronicles a month in his life when he ate only McDonald’s food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. McDonald’s is hardly a fast food chain that specializes in fresh vegetarian meals. In an extreme form of the Western diet, for 30 days Spurlock lived (if one can call it living) on meat, cheese and refined flour. In terms of impact... keep reading
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