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Month: September 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Competition Improves AI’s Accuracy in Grading Prostate Cancer

How to Use a Medical “Group Mind” to Train Artificial Intelligence
According to Swedish and Dutch experts, there’s often a bias problem in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs designed to grade prostate cancer (PCa) aggressiveness. That is, those who develop algorithms that are trained on a particular set of data are also the people who evaluate their accuracy. Where’s the objectivity in that method? There’s a risk keep reading

Is Your Prostate Cancer a Spiritual Journey?

Prostate Cancer a Spiritual Journey
A cancer diagnosis can be life changing. Physical, emotional, mental, and social challenges arise when a life-threatening disease like cancer occurs. Even low-risk, early-stage prostate cancer (PCa) has implications that ripple throughout all levels of a man’s awareness. During the days, weeks and months of their PCa journey, patients often examine their lifestyle choices. Have keep reading
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