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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Benefitting the World of Prostate Cancer

Can MRI Plus Artificial Intelligence Diagnose Prostate Cancer?
To paraphrase a famous poem, “How can AI serve prostate cancer? Let me count the ways.” In some ways, clinical researchers and software engineers have established a solid foundation for applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the detection, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of prostate cancer (PCa). On the other hand, given the oceanic potential, we’ve only keep reading

Kissing Prostatectomy Goodbye?

Don’t Overlook the Kind of Prostate Cancer that Can Kill You
This headline got my immediate attention: “No Benefit with Surgery for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer.” The article is based on follow up findings from the PIVOT randomized trial. They suggest that radical prostatectomy does not offer men with localized prostate cancer a significant survival benefit over active surveillance or other type of observation. For traditional urologists, this might seem close to heresy... keep reading
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