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Great News About Multiparametric MRI

It is always gratifying for a doctor when something he or she wholeheartedly believes in gets affirmed by published research. For me, this is the case with a new Italian study, “The Roles of Multiparametric MRI, PCA3, and PHI: Which Is The Best Predictor of Prostate Cancer After a Negative Biopsy?”[i] The authors recognize the keep reading

Competition in MRI Technology

“Everyone is keeping up with the Joneses, and there are more Joneses than ever.” This statement from art critic Jerry Saltz refers to the buying habits of a public hungry for trendy art. However, it could as easily apply to MRI technology, where the strength of the magnet—measured in units called Tesla, or T—makes all keep reading

MRI-Guided Biopsy Benefits

Who invented the microscope? Credit for putting multiple lenses in a tube in order to gain a magnified view goes to two Dutch lens makers in the 1590s, Zacharias Jansen and his father, Hans. One of the first uses of microscopy in medicine occurred around 1650 when a Jesuit priest named Athanasius Kirchner saw little keep reading

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