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New Studies to Watch For

By: Dan Sperling, MD Many focal laser ablation patients, and those considering this targeted prostate cancer treatment, are eagerly anticipating the May 15-19 American Urological Association meeting in New Orleans. Given that the majority of urologists are not exactly FLA-friendly, why would fans of our pioneering and elegant therapy set their sights on this meeting? keep reading

Complementary Medicine and Prostate Cancer

The practice of medicine has come full circle from ancient times. Archaeological remains from the Stone Age reveal primitive surgical interventions (ouch!) and bone-setting for injuries. Cave paintings show trepanning (punching or drilling a hole in the skull), perhaps done to relieve headaches, cure seizures, or simply release evil spirits. Such drastic intrusions were the keep reading

Learning About MRI the Fun Way

By accident, I discovered a web presentation on the basic principles of MRI that was not only easy and clear, but also entertaining and charming. Sound impossible? It’s not as far-fetched as it seems, thanks to the work of Prasanna Tilakaratna, a very intelligent man with a gentle sense of humor. Pras, as he likes keep reading
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