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Proton Beam is Losing Support

Proton Beam Therapy - Sperling Prostate Center
The tug-of-war continues between prostate cancer patients who want to be treated with proton beam therapy (PBT) vs. their insurance companies. As you can read from the blog below, payers are denying PCa coverage due to the high cost of the treatment coupled with lack of evidence showing superiority over conventional radiation therapies... keep reading

A New Product to Reduce Rectal Damage from Prostate Radiation

More Cancer Deaths Due to Pandemic Delays in Treatment? | Sperling Prostate Center
The use of an injectable hydrogel spacer to help minimize toxic effects of prostate cancer (PCa) radiation on the rectal wall has become a standard of care. By implanting the hydrogel into the tissue between the prostate and the rectum, a wider space is created, which “may significantly reduce the [radiation] dose received by the rectum and the risk of rectal toxicity [side effects, see explanation in the blog below].” How well does it work? keep reading
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