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Month: January 2022

FLA vs. Green Light Laser: What’s the Difference?

In today’s medical fields, lasers are used therapeutically to treat a broad spectrum of disease as well as cosmetic conditions. As summarized by the Johns Hopkins website, lasers are now commonly used to debulk or destroy tumors, to seal blood vessels to diminish blood loss, in some eye surgeries and dental procedures, and to treat skin imperfections or lesions. Clinical use of lasers takes advantage of tissues’ light absorption... keep reading

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Complex Economic, Legal and Ethical Issues

Will Artificial Intelligence Put Radiologists Out of Business? - Sperling Prostate Center
No consideration of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) in medicine and healthcare would be complete without identifying the swirl of economic, legal and regulatory issues that surround it. The economics of medical AI In the broad field of healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) offer the enticing lure of a solid return on investment. Compared keep reading

Is NAD the Fountain of Youth?

What can help increase longevity? We increase longevity by giving the cells more energy, increasing their telomere length, boosting the immune system, repairing DNA, and stimulating certain genes which foster longevity.[i] Many people from ancient times till now have dreamed of a spring of waters with the power to restore youth to the aging. Throughout keep reading

Long-term PIVOT Trial Results Support Pivotal Prostate Cancer Choices

Don’t Overlook the Kind of Prostate Cancer that Can Kill You
Once upon a time—November, 1994 to be exact–a team of researchers wanted to compare the effectiveness of radical prostatectomy (RP) vs. observation for men with localized prostate cancer (PCa). They launched a 7-year enrollment period, accruing 731 patients who would be randomly assigned to either radical prostatectomy (removal of prostate gland) or observation. Their study keep reading
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