Category: Active Surveillance

Upgrade, Downgrade

With all the reality TV shows these days, the shows increasingly seem to step into very sensitive personal areas such as teen pregnancy and obesity. To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a show on active surveillance—thank goodness—but a recent Medscape article might suggest an appropriate title: “Upgrade, Downgrade.” Medscape reports a study in keep reading

Statins and Prostate Cancer: An Update

Last December I posted a blog entry on the possibility that statins, a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs, can reduce the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer (PCa). If you’re interested, I summarized the relationship between how statins control cholesterol and scientific theories about the connection with PCa; you can read it at I try keep reading

What Happens When Prostate Biopsies Are Negative?

The annual American Urological Society meeting (AUA 2015, May 15-19) has more presentations than ever on multiparametric MRI detection of prostate cancer, MRI targeted biopsies, MRI/ultrasound fusion, and MRI-guided focal therapies. The urologic world is sitting up and taking notice as advanced imaging is changing the prostate cancer landscape. I will be sharing selected presentations keep reading
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