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Month: January 2015

Learning About MRI the Fun Way

By accident, I discovered a web presentation on the basic principles of MRI that was not only easy and clear, but also entertaining and charming. Sound impossible? It’s not as far-fetched as it seems, thanks to the work of Prasanna Tilakaratna, a very intelligent man with a gentle sense of humor. Pras, as he likes keep reading

Don’t Let That Steak Tempt You

Would You Change Your Diet to Prevent PCa?
Eating red meat has gotten a poor reputation among cardiologist, and a few years ago, a report came out linking grilled red meat—especially well done—with the risk of developing prostate cancer. It was demonstrated that cooking meat over an open flame and charring it at high temperatures causes two chemicals, HCAs and PAHs, to form. keep reading

Prostate Cancer and Immunotherapy

Prostate Cancer and Immunotherapy
One of the most exciting new directions for dealing with cancer is the field of immunotherapy. The word itself suggests using the body’s own defenses against disease as a way of healing illness. The idea is certainly not new, but I want to offer some general information and then a couple of specific adaptations of keep reading

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