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Month: February 2020

Stop Avoiding Doctor Visits!

Men avoiding doctor and prostate cancer
If you’re one of the men who see their doctor annually no matter what, skip reading the rest of this blog. However, if you’re like the more than 60% of men who shun annual check-ups, you will easily relate to what follows. It’s commonly recognized that women get annual check-ups and regular tests like mammograms keep reading

How Does Focal Laser Ablation Work?

MRI prostate cancer treatment - Sperling Prostate Center
A glance back in history reveals that not so many years ago, a prostatectomy to remove prostate cancer was a long and bloody surgery. It meant days in the hospital, a month of recovery, and higher rates of incontinence and ED than today’s robot-assisted laparascopic techniques. In comparison, today’s minimalist focal treatments for appropriate patients keep reading
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