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Month: March 2016

Poor Sleep and Prostate Cancer Risk

According to the authors of a new study out the Harvard School of Medicine, “Sleep deficiency is a major public health problem.”[i] The Centers for Disease Control tell us that about 25% of Americans occasionally suffer insufficient sleep, and 10% have chronic insomnia. Sleep disorders are connected with chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, mood disorders, keep reading

Flaxseeds May Prevent Prostate Cancer Tumors From Spreading

Many of my patients are very nutrition-conscious in terms of overall wellness. I have previously written about the benefits of heart-friendly diets because they also support prostate health (see https://sperlingprostatecenter.com/heart-healthy-choices-promote-prostate-health/). The basics of healthy eating include less red meat (more chicken and fish if you’re a carnivore), more fruits and vegetables (preferably organic), nuts, whole keep reading

Concern Regarding Radiation Overuse

Here’s a little quiz: Which whole gland therapy for prostate cancer has the highest risk of recurrence? Radical prostatectomy Radiation therapy Cryotherapy of the whole gland HIFU of the whole gland If you answered radiation, you are correct. According to a recent article, the rate of prostate cancer coming back after conventional external beam radiation keep reading

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