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“New” Focal Prostate Cancer Treatment? More Questions Than Answers

Radiofrequency ablation for prostate cancer
“Introducing the ultimate technology in Precision Medicine for Prostate Focal Therapy.” “TSPA is the only technology designed for Prostate Focal Therapy” These bold claims announce the availability of Tissue Sparing Prostate Ablation (TSPA), known by its brand name as Encage. Encage uses a specific type of radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which basically cooks a tumor by keep reading

How to Survive Prostate Cancer: All, Nothing at All, or Something In Between?

Testosterone use and the prostate - Sperling Prostate Center
What’s the best way to deal with prostate cancer (PCa)? The obvious answer is, do something about it. For decades, “doing something” meant radical prostatectomy (RP). In other words, surgically remove it all. More recently, the pendulum has started swinging the other way in a surge toward active surveillance (AS). From 2010 to 2015, the keep reading
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