Month: July 2015

MRI-Guided Biopsy Benefits

Who invented the microscope? Credit for putting multiple lenses in a tube in order to gain a magnified view goes to two Dutch lens makers in the 1590s, Zacharias Jansen and his father, Hans. One of the first uses of microscopy in medicine occurred around 1650 when a Jesuit priest named Athanasius Kirchner saw little keep reading

The Impact of Positive Surgical Margins

The Harvard Medical School is a recognized and authoritative source of correct information about prostate cancer (PCa). Their website has information about anxiety-provoking news after radical prostatectomy, or RP: positive surgical margins (PSMs). No matter how meticulous a surgeon’s technique, there will always be cases in which a tumor has extended beyond where the scalpel keep reading

MRI and The Magic 8 Ball

When I was growing up, there was a kid on the block who had one of those Magic 8 Ball toys that could tell the future. You probably know what I’m talking about. It was a black ball with a small round window in which an answer to a yes-or-no question would float into view. keep reading
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