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Month: May 2015

New Studies to Watch For

By: Dan Sperling, MD Many focal laser ablation patients, and those considering this targeted prostate cancer treatment, are eagerly anticipating the May 15-19 American Urological Association meeting in New Orleans. Given that the majority of urologists are not exactly FLA-friendly, why would fans of our pioneering and elegant therapy set their sights on this meeting? keep reading

Marketing vs. Research-Based Information

ASCO Connection is the official membership magazine of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO). In August 2014, the magazine carried an article by ASCO member Joel B. Nelson, MD (Chair of the Department of Urology at University of Pittsburgh). The title was “The Lack of Value for Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy.”[i] Lack of value? That’s keep reading

All Prostate Cancer Patients Are Not Created Equal

In an ideal prostate cancer world, men would have equal access to education about their prostate health, screening opportunities, diagnostic procedures and treatment choices. If this were so, we would expect that rates of treatment success, side effects from treatment, and prostate cancer-specific mortality would then be evenly distributed across all patients. A newly published keep reading

Is The End of Overtreatment Really In Sight?

According to a new German study, efforts to avoid the acknowledged problems of overdiagnosis and overtreatment of insignificant prostate cancer is leading to different treatment patterns.[i] The authors note, “Many centers have reported dramatic changes, with increases in active surveillance (AS) of early cancers and local treatment of advanced disease.” In other words, more patients keep reading

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