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Month: March 2015

Scan Abuse and How to Avoid It

  Sadly, prostate cancer (PCa) patients with low-risk disease are still being sent for needless diagnostic bone and CT scans. This was the finding of an impressive multi-disciplinary research team from several institutions (U.S. Veterans Administration and various medical and public policy departments within New York University and Yale University). The investigators found that nearly keep reading

Selenium and Prostate Cancer

  There is a wealth of information on the potential of natural and alternative ways to prevent and perhaps even control prostate cancer – at least in its early stages when patients are candidates for active surveillance. I have previously written on such topics as nutrition (https://sperlingprostatecenter.com/3-nutritional-guidelines-excellent-prostate-health/) diet (https://sperlingprostatecenter.com/diet-prostate-cancer/) lycopene (https://sperlingprostatecenter.com/lycopene-prostate-cancer/) melatonin (https://sperlingprostatecenter.com/melatonin-prostate-cancer-risk/) I am keep reading

MRI Is Changing Prostate Biopsy

A couple of years ago I saw a patient who previously had three negative TRUS-guided prostate biopsies. Because his PSA had been slowly rising from 4 to 10, the number of biopsy needles had increased from 10 to 12 to 14. “Doc,” he said, “they tried to numb me up for the last biopsy, but keep reading

Put an End to Overtreatment

“There is increased use of radiotherapy among patients with indolent prostate cancer with limited to no correlation with tumor biology.” This conclusion was reached by a research team out of UCLA after studying the treatment choices of 37,621 patients.[i] In fact, over half (57.9%) of the men were sent for radiation, while 19.1% had a keep reading

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