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The Sperling Prostate Center assists in a clinical research study to help develop a next-generation blood test to detect prostate cancer, sponsored by Miller BioConnect.
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Sperling Medical Group announces a new specialized area of practice dedicated to Neuravive, a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment for Essential Tremor.
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Sperling Medical Group Successfully Treats First Florida Essential Tremor Cases. “Noninvasive MRI-guided ultrasound treatment is neurological breakthrough.”
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Sperling Prostate Center Joins MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Clinical Study.
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Dr. Sperling delivers featured seminar on MRgFUS therapy at the WPBF 25 Health and Safety Festival in Palm Beach Gardens. Watch a video of his presentation below and learn more about the event, featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz, here.

Video courtesy of WPBF 25 News

Dr. Sperling and Jodi Meyer, a Sperling Neuro patient who received our Neuravive ultrasound treatment for her essential tremors, join The Doctors to discuss how the procedure works, why only one side of the brain is treated, and how life has improved for Jodi post-treatment. Learn More »


Health Professional Radio Listen to Dr. Sperling’s recent interview on Health Professional Radio about prostate cancer detection, treatment, and the options men should know about:

Part 1: Detecting Prostate Cancer Using 3T Multi-Parametric MRI

Part 2: Prostate Cancer Screening – BlueLaser® vs. TRUS

Part 3: Focal Laser Ablation for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

America's Healthcare Advocate show Dr. Dan Sperling joins Healthcare Policy Expert Cary Hall on the America’s Healthcare Advocate radio show. Listen to the full interview to learn how you can get tested, when you should get tested, and the new technology and treatments behind prostate cancer

Dr. Sperling’s three-part SiriusXM radio interview with Dr. Herbert Lepor, Chairman of Urology at NYU Medical:

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News & Announcements

Dr. Sperling included as featured expert on Prostate.net – See Dr. Sperling’s articles on Prostate.net

Dr. Sperling shares his advice on how women can support their partners and loved ones facing prostate cancer – Read more

Dr. Sperling contributes an article on the advantages of image-guided treatments to Radiology Life magazine for medical radiology professionals – Read more

Dr. Sperling Joins NYU Faculty for Imaging/Ablation Course – Read more

National Institutes of Health Awards Dr. Sperling R21 Quick Clinical Trials grant – Read more

Dr. Dan Sperling to Address Prostate Cancer Support Group, hosted by South Jersey Healthcare and Man To Man – Read more

New research article co-authored by Dr. Sperling reporting on the ability of 3D mpMRI to depict changes in the prostate following focal laser ablation – Learn more

Men’s Journal review of Dr. Sperling’s new book Redefining Prostate CancerGo to the article

Seniorsite.com article on Dr. Sperling’s book Redefining Prostate CancerGo to the article

Spotlight feature in Medical Travel Today, Volume 5, Issue 8 – Go to article

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  • Dr. Dan Sperling was cited in Life Force, a 2022 book by Tony Robbins, et al. on new breakthroughs in precision medicine. Learn more »

  • Dr. Sperling joins Healthcare Policy Expert Cary Hall on the America's Healthcare Advocate radio show. Listen now »

  • Sperling Prostate Center Makes List of 10 Best Prostate Cancer Blogs Learn more »

  • Dr. Sperling speaks at the WPBF 25 Health and Safety Festival with Dr. Mehmet Oz Find out more & watch video »

  • Dr. Sperling included as featured expert on Prostate.net. See Dr. Sperling's articles »

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