A 3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser™ provides an effective, precise way to detect and treat recurrent prostate cancer after radiation or HIFU therapy.

Recurrent prostate tumors after failed radiotherapy (Cyberknife, IMRT or Proton Beam Therapy) or HIFU can be difficult to detect due to dramatic changes in prostate gland architecture that occur secondary to treatment. Recurrent tumors can be quite small, but with a 3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser™ and 3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser™ Guided Biopsy early detection is possible.

3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser™ Guided Focal Laser Ablation to destroy residual tumor is an option worth exploring, particularly for men who have other health problems that might impair their recovery from a surgical procedure. In the same vein, 3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser™ Guided Focal Laser Ablation has been used as a secondary local therapy in men who underwent radiation therapy or HIFU.

Side effects of 3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser™ Guided Focal Laser Ablation tend to be milder compared with standard salvage prostatectomy, and the same holds true when used after radiation therapy. Rates for erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence following this salvage procedure remain extremely low, as do rates for pelvic pain.

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