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The Sperling Prostate Center in New York and Florida is a technologically-advanced, patient-oriented practice dedicated to providing the most effective techniques in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Unlike conventional prostate treatments, our approach—utilizing 3T Multi-Parametric MRI-guided prostate imaging and laser tumor ablation—offers quality of life preservation previously unattainable, owing to minimal side effects, low recurrence rate, and nearly nonexistent risk of incontinence or impotence.

Detection & Diagnosis

Our advanced, noninvasive prostate imaging system uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with multiparametric software to safely and painlessly create a high-quality “prostate map,” revealing a 360° view of the gland and any irregularities. This technology also facilitates guided biopsies that require up to 80% fewer needle samples than conventional biopsies.

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We also offer ConfirmMDx, an epigenetic test that detects changes to DNA associated with prostate cancer, mitigating the potential for a false-negative biopsy result. Learn more »


The Sperling Prostate Center’s BlueLaser™ MRI-Guided Prostate Laser Ablation is a revolutionary, minimally-invasive treatment that dramatically reduces risk of impotence and incontinence. We visually map out “safety zones” to avoid vital organs and utilize 3T MRI to guide tumor destruction in real time. This outpatient procedure eradicates the primary tumor and is completed in about one hour—no surgery, no general anesthesia, no catheter.

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New journal article co-authored by Dr. Dan Sperling detailing the largest focal laser study to date—and the tremendously beneficial results. Read it now or See all news


Redefining Prostate Cancer: An Innovative Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

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New journal article by Dr. Sperling detailing the largest focal laser study to date and the positive clinical outcomes



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